Full Circle: Marsen Jules at GRM

Many years ago, before becoming a photographer, I produced and shot videos and films for gallery exhibition and television. With the recent upheavals in technology and in the markets for both photographic and video work, I find myself happily coming full circle and able to once again explore the many facets of video production.

I am very fond of the music of German composer Marsen Jules and last year, in an exemplary “new economy” deal we agreed to swap some music licensing (his music forms the astonishing mood in my Crossing the River video for VR Media) for the creation of a new music video. The result is this 6 minute piece embedded above. It took awhile to find the right project but the Marsen Jules at GRM CD arrived last fall and I knew I had it. A set of images I’d been toying with for a couple of years would form the basis of this video which is essentially a many-layered slide dissolve.

As this project evolved I was exposed to many artists’ work which may or may not have influenced the process: photographer Jessica Eaton’s endlessly seductive constructions of colour, light and form, painter Rebecca Chaperon’s recent embrace of voids (as well as her recent colour palette), Doug Coupland’s geometric abstractions based on classic paintings by Canada’s “Group of Seven” and Emily Carr, artist Peter Combe’s incredible “paintings” made with commercial paint chip samples, Kandinsky’s synesthesia-concerned paintings (again with intersecting geometric forms) and Matisse’s late period cut outs/assemblages. I’m sure there are others. It all happily remains a blur.

The challenge for me was the inclusion of geometric forms and the shifts in colour palettes. I generally dislike simple geometric forms in art and I have only an intuitive grasp of colour theory. I also wanted there to be room for happy accidents and a quick, gestural approach in the editing process. This meant creating masks quickly and combining and shifting layers on my editing timeline without a formal structure in mind.

As always, I prefer music to guide my process.







About markmushet

I take photographs, make videos, produce podcasts, do some design and generally provide a variety of media services to educational, cultural and corporate clients.
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