The Deep Time Project

DeepTimeProjectV2Sometimes a first meeting will drop a project right into your lap. So it was with meeting composer Jordan Nobles to discuss some possible video projects with his Redshift Music Society. At the legendary “Pro Shop” (aka JJ Bean Coffee on Commercial Drive) Jordan and I began a wide ranging, exploratory talk to see how we might work together in future. I’d done portraits, CD and poster design for Redshift label-mate Adrian Verdejo which eventually culminated in a 15 minute video for VR Media. I had no doubt we’d find something to work on together!

“I have a project coming up and I need a poster for The Roundhouse. Can you do it?” Well, yes. Still in the formative stage, he knew it would involve a lot of percussion and loads of harmonics. Other than that, it was pretty up in the air. Did I have any suitable imagery? Yes, always … though it may not be what you’d expect. In this case I used a combination of cross-processed images of oxidized nail head close-ups (used in another context/view for David Berezan’s 2008 CD “La Face Cachée”) and a heavily treated view of an old golden timepiece of some sort which I’d shot at the Vatican Museum in Rome in 2011. I prefer the evocative rather than the literal for these kind of projects. I’m trusting this fits the bill.

Here’s the cover of “La Face Cachée” featuring a distinctly different view of the nails.

David Berezan "La Face Cachée"


About markmushet

I take photographs, make videos, produce podcasts, do some design and generally provide a variety of media services to educational, cultural and corporate clients.
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