Jonathon Young under the tent as Feste and Hamlet

Jonathon Young

Jonathon Young

I’ve always been a fan of small, independent theatre companies and for the last 20 years or so have pretty much missed most of the city’s bigger productions. I generally prefer things like Itsazoo’s staging of Edward Albee’s Zoo Story on a Ceperley Park bench or dark, powerful works like Pi’s recent crowd-slayer Terminus. But I just had the opportunity to catch Bard on the Beach’s delightful staging of Twelfth Night and who should be playing the role of Feste but the Electric Company’s Jonathon Young who, like Joel Grey in Cabaret always enthralls with an intense, darkly comic and very physical presence. Mind you, he’s also currently playing Hamlet in a spare, modern adaptation directed by life partner/collaborator Kim Collier.

This portrait was taken just before he left for Toronto a year or so ago. He needed a headshot and I headed over to their east side home with no particular approach in mind. This one didn’t make the cut but it is a favourite from that session. Simple, direct, and slightly unnerving. Taken on the back porch on a warm afternoon. Photographing both Jonathan and Kim Collier over the years has always been a treat. I wholly recommend that you check out any production these two are involved in; site-specific, technology-mediated or part of a big, popular adaptation of a classic.


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