Dead Lake Scroll

Mysterious Scroll Fragment Discovered

Mysterious Scroll Fragment Discovered

If you’re like me, you’re the kind of person who turns to the Discovery, History and National Geographic channels to see some, well, discovery, history and something befitting the nature of a National Geographic we perhaps mistakenly recall as once being something better than its TV incarnation. But silly us. These channels are now home to programs like “Hillbilly Handfishin'”, “Sons of Guns”, “Amish Mafia” and other assorted reality-ish programs designed for people wearing glossy track pants, sipping on a Bud on the porch of their trailer home.

So why not just invent your own great “Discovery” program? Dispense with reality altogether. Most people do, if only to keep their sanity. I thought of this while recently driving through the Grand Coulee area of Washington State where an ancient ice dam break caused massive torrents of water to carve the landscape in several fell swoops. The archeologist who theorized this scenario in the early part of the 20th century (but who was poo-pooed by his peers until the landsat images from the 70s proved him right) may well have been a guest on one of the aforementioned channels had they not morphed into…whatever it is they are now.

So herewith, an image that set the archeological world abuzz within the last few weeks: proof of a newly discovered scroll fragment found along the banks of…Banks Lake, a highly-managed, largely sterile body of water whose secrets are only now coming to light. Early indications are that this fascinating discovery will shed some light on area inhabitants’ diets, entertainment preferences….and where you can get your 4×4’s wheel rims polished.


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