Words, Words, Words

The final version!

Coming this fall from New Star Books is the latest opus from George Bowering, a collection of essays and memoirs that includes the inspirational telling of how the author paid for a set of dentures. Well, there’s other stuff too, like a bunch of stuff about other writers and poets…and some guy named Shakespeare. But there are many better than I at writing about writing so I’ll stick to writing about images.

I’ve photographed George a few times now. There’s no shortage of laughs with George during these sessions and when his name is mentioned the first image that comes to my mind is a laughing set o’ choppers. So when Rolf at New Star asked me to do his latest book cover, the solution was clear: a set of wind-up chattering teeth. The trouble is that good ones are not exactly “thick on the ground” as they say. So after some searching I found two pairs. I used the Hipstamatic test photos of the first pair for the 1st comp (see below) but it was deemed too “clean”.

Then a second pair arrived from Atlanta by post and came in an original box from 30-odd years ago complete with golden orange/yellow text set in the much-maligned “Souvenir” font, a favourite for cheap novelty packaging in the ’70s. And there was a diagram of instructions on the back, in case there was any operational confusion(!) I shot the diagram using Instagram, faked the Souvenir font for the title, set the rest of the cover text in Freight and everybody went home happy.

The End.

The first version. I still like this one.


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I take photographs, make videos, produce podcasts, do some design and generally provide a variety of media services to educational, cultural and corporate clients.
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