Brent av Frost

I was recently asked for some samples of my film work. By far the best experience I’ve had was working on “Brent av Frost” in northern Norway in 1996. The film is by Knut Erik Jensen whose specialty is a very distinctive and poetic non-narrative telling of stories from the Finnmark region. The first work of his I saw was “Stella Polaris” at the 1993 VIFF which centred around the impact of the German occupation and subsequent decimation of fishing communities on a young couple. His films generally involve fishing, the cold war, sex and tragedy…you know, the essentials of life!

I was there for a month and these two portraits were taken at the very northern tip of Norway during production. It was absolute magic and we were surrounded by reindeer, fresh cloudberries in the tundra’s flora, exotic deep sea fish which landed on our dinner plates…and suddenly-appearing slicing cold winds.

Sadly, this is the last portrait ever taken of well-loved Norwegian film and stage actress Katja Medbøe. She went missing shortly after and was found dead the following spring. In these situations, photography can sometimes reveal greater values.


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I take photographs, make videos, produce podcasts, do some design and generally provide a variety of media services to educational, cultural and corporate clients.
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